Use Design Sprint to create a hi-fidelity prototype within 1 week

Why do you need Design Sprint?

Design Sprint is a 4-day process to deliver an interactive, hi-fidelity prototype of a product tested on real users. Basically - to quickly verify if your idea for a product has market potential. Introduction of new or updating existing products usually means months or even years of time spent on preparation and requires a lot of funds. Design Sprint reduces the risk of failure and provides clear insights into your customers’ needs.

Traditional Process

Design Sprint

Months spent on decisions about which direction to take.

Pressure demotivates the team and leads to loss of focus

Majority of project fail or never launch

Over 50% of the time is wasted on unproductive tasks

Clear direction in just 2 days

Pressure motivates the team and leads to a “work & win together” culture

Helps with the decision-making process to reduce the chance of failure

Provides a framework for meaningful work and better outcomes.

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Design Sprint

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