Design Sprint at Setapp

Use our Design Sprint to create an interactive, hi-fidelity prototype of your product tested on real users, in one week.

Why you need a Design Sprint?

Transforming your idea into a tangible product takes months or even years, and requires a lot of funds. Our Design Sprint reduces the risk of failure and provides clear insights into your customers’ needs. It's fast, it's efficient and it works.

Traditional Process

Design Sprint

Months spent on decisions about which direction to take.

Pressure demotivates the team and leads to loss of focus

The majority of project fail or never launch

Over 50% of the time is wasted on unproductive tasks

Clear direction in just 2 days

Pressure motivates the team and leads to a “work & win together” culture

Helps with the decision-making process to reduce the chance of failure

Provides a framework for meaningful work and better outcomes.

What you get?

Materials from the 

workshop with validation 

of your idea

Project requirements 

and development forecast

Our recommendation 

on what to do next

A working and validated 

prototype of the product

After the Sprint

With a real-life prototype of your product validated with real users in your possession, making decisions about what to do next is easier. Our experts can help you to nurture, develop and launch your idea to the market.

Low-fidelity user flow of the demo

High-fidelity prototype of your app

The Design Sprint - What to expect?

We work together with you in person for the first 2 days. During this time we define the challenges and work on the solutions. 

Day 3 and 4 is all about rapid prototyping 

of the product and testing it with the end users.


     Working with Setapp we also trained our team and became one expanded team 

Dr Becky Sage

CEO at Interactive Scientific


Want to know more

about us or Design Sprints?

So what exactly is a Design Sprint? It’s essentially a 4-day intensive process to develop a working prototype, get feedback from users, build a plan for next steps and understand the full potential of a project. The whole process is split into two parts.

During the first half, we work with a client at our HQ. After that, our designers get back to their rooms to deliver a working prototype, tested on real users. Our clients can then relax and wait for the results of our work.

Let’s talk about your

Design Sprint

Realizing you need to accelerate your project is the first step!

We will help you with the rest!